Sunday, March 28, 2010

Who wants to play the guessing game!

Because that is all I have been doing for the past three days.
I had a cramp on my right side, Could it be implantation?
I am nauseous, early morning sickness?
I got a pimple, oh no early AF warning?
I am exhausted, hurry google whatit means!

Yea I think I have officially crossed over into crazy town.

Five days until I start testing and I can stop with the guessing games. I am also going on tuesday morning to get a Glucose test. I think it was called the 1 hour fasting test. So we shall see what that turns up. If it comes back abnormal I may be starting a new drug, if not then I am either doing one more cycle with the same protocal or I am taking a break. We shall see.

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