Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So over being sick....

So this is going to be one big whiny post. Feel free to skip it. I have a wicked head cold. My head is killing me, my nose is totally clogged, and my sinuses are clogged. Add to that I am having "stomach issues." I have been nauseous all day, and I can't find my anti-nausea meds, so that sucks too. And to pile even more suckiness onto the heaping pile of suckiness, I am on my fourth day of Clomid and my hot flashes are insane. And let me tell you hot flashes + fever = misery.

I am so pissed because I wanted to get back into working out this week, but I can't workout when it is this hard to breathe. I haven't worked out since before my last insemination, I am always way too nervous to workout during the 2ww. I am petrified that if I do something the slightest bit wrong in that fourteen days I will not get pregnant. So i don't drink caffeine, don't drink booze, don't workout, and very rarely have sex in the two weeks after the IUI. As a result I haven't lost any weight in a while. I am sticking to my diet pretty well (with the exception of this weekend) but I am standing still. But all I have done the past two days is sit on the couch, watch Alias episodes and eat soup.

It is so discouraging, because I know I won't be able to move on to the next level of treatment without losing all this extra weight I have gotten since college. The thought that I won't get pregnant because of my own weakness and inability to control my weight is on my mind all the time, which isn't helping the sinus headache any.

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