Friday, March 19, 2010

Yay!!! Good Follie Check!

Finally I get to post about something good! I had my follie check for IUI#3 today. I am on cd9 and I have one follicle on the right measuring at 20mm and one on the left at 16mm. The RN doesn't think the smaller one on the left will factor in, which is fine with me, it only takes one!

I will be doing the trigger shot tonight and the IUI will be Sunday morning at 7am, ouch that is early. I am so happy I insisted on coming in for the ultrasound today instead of Monday. Monday may have been too late.

The timing of this thing actually works perfectly. I was really worried all week that the IUI would be Wednesday or Thursday, which would have been tough because the hubster is starting his training for his new job this week. His training goes from 8am - noon Monday - Friday and he still has to work from 2pm - midnight Wednesday - Saturday. So trying to fit an insemination in there would have been rough.

I am oddly optimistic about this cycle. The timing just seems so perfect, plus if I got PG on this cycle I would be due right around the hubinator's b-day. I have said stuff like this before though and it hasn't worked out, but I just have a very good feeling, and I am going to try and keep up the positive additude for the rest of this cycle. No more negative Chrissy! I am going to give this cycle every chance I can, even if it means being annoyingly upbeat.

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