Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Progress, and yet not...

The last two months since my last post have been both totally uneventful and insanely busy. First things first: we still don't really know what our next step is. We met with one of the REs from Shady Grove. I really liked her, she had some new ideas; mostly putting me on a higher dose of some meds and adding Lovenox (a low dose blood thinner) to my protocol. But since I am allergic to Lupron there is not a whole we can do differently. She would absolutely 100% do ICSI on all our eggs, which I liked since we had the whole drama with the ICSI at our last clinic. She said she wouldn't suggest a Lap for me, which I was disappointed to hear since I feel like it would provide some answers. I would have to repeat all the testing including another HSG. Going with her for the last IVF is a definite possibility, but we are waiting until we meet with the RE from SIRM to make a decision. That appointment is two weeks away, and I am very anxious to get it over with, I am tired of not actively cycling.

In adoption news: Garry has decided he is on board with adoption if the 3rd IVF doesn't work! He did a complete about face on this. Three months ago he was 100% against adoption. Then we started talking about using my sister as a gestational carrier and he realized we would technically have to adopt the baby from her. I think that is partially what did it for him. Even if the baby was 100% genetically ours we would have to adopt it legally. He doesn't really care about being genetically linked, he was just freaked by the legal stuff and explaining it to potential children. We also went to an informational session at an agency and getting answers to all our questions, plus hearing other people had the same concerns, helped ease his mind. I must admit it is a big weight off my shoulders to know that when my body fails us for the 3rd IVF we still have options. We most likely are still 2-3 years away from getting placed with a baby, but the wait will be worth it in the end.

Unfortunately I have not been doing great on the weight front. I have gained about twenty pounds back from the original 70 I lost. I know being 50 down is still a huge accomplishment, but I am once again above a BMI of 40. I know I need to get back on track to increase my odds, but it is hard believing the weight will make a difference now. I lost 20% of my body weight last time and yet our IVFs still failed. When the doctors tell me now that even a 10% drop will help I want to laugh in their faces and then throat punch them. But I have plans to get back on track next week. There is no point in starting now because the annual cupcake competition I enter is this weekend, so I will be eating copious amounts of cupcakes.

On the work front, I got a promotion! I will finally be working a Monday-Friday job with semi-normal hours. Best of all I love the new position and it excites/challenges me everyday. It will be a while before I am on my new schedule because we have to train my replacement, but hopefully by the end of November I will be able to have a little more free time with family and friends.

Lastly, we have a new addition to the family: a new puppy! After the debacle with Penny last year we didn't think we would ever try and get another puppy as long as Wallace was around. But we got a text three weeks ago from a family member and they knew someone with a puppy they could no longer care for, could we take her? We decided to give it a shot and if all else failed we could find her a better home. It turns out her and Wallace get along great (as long as we keep food out of the equation). She is a 5 month old boxer puppy that we named Winnie. She is incredibly sweet and totally fearless. She goes after 120 pound Wallace like he is a toy poodle.

Her is a picture of the new puppy and one of the whole motley crew. Winnie with the ball wm

Three in One wm

Thanks for checking in, I will update again after our consult with SIRM and when we decide what we are going to do.