Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I joined a blog roll!

I am not the most the most knowledgeable blogger on earth. I kinda just opened the site and started typing. But I am learning as I go along. I have been incredibly bored the past couple days because my hubby is at training for his new job every morning. As a result I have done some exploring and added a couple features to the blog.

First I joined a blog roll! Yay! I don't actually know what that means. I think my blog will just show up in a list of blogs about infertility. I added a link on the left to the blog roll if anyone wants to find some new ones to follow.

I also added an at a glance list of our Infertility treatments so far. It was a little depressing listing all that crap, but I am hoping it doesn't grow too much more. I also added a list of the blogs I follow. There are a couple about IF and a couple about baking. So I hope these things add to the blogging/reading experience. Enjoy!

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