Thursday, April 1, 2010

Trying to hold it together...

I am 11 days post IUI and I tested this morning. Twice. Both negative. It could still be early, but I am so disappointed. I had comepletely convinced myself that this had worked and I was pregnant. I have had some of the classic symptoms; nipple soreness, nausea that kinda comes and goes, weird cramping in the general uterus area, needing to pee more often, and being really tired. But the truth is all those things can be explained away by the massive amounts of progesterone I am taking and the fact that I am trying to lose weight and have been chugging water like there is no tomorrow.

I was so excited last night to wake up this morning and test because I was sure it would be positive. I think I slept a total of four hours. Then I started having crazy nightmares too. So now there is a fairly big possibility that I am not pregnant, and I am so tired I will most likely be a giant biotch all day.

I decided I am not going to test again until Saturday. I will test Saturday and Sunday and then Monday is my blood test to confirm. I may also do some baking this weekend for Easter to distract myself.

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