Sunday, March 21, 2010

IUI # 3 Complete...

We went to our third IUI this morning at the crack of dawn and it went really well. My cervix wasn't nearly as b*tchy as it normally is which was nice. The hubinators sperm count rocked. Post wash it was 47 million, which is 2 million more than the last cycle.

I have a very very good feeling about this cycle. I feel like we got the timing perfect, I have been having pain on my right ovary area all day, which I am hoping is my ovulation pain, and there are tons of swimmers to meet the egg when it gets released. Plus my RE decided to put me on the progesterone supplements earlier this cycle. Normally I don't take them until 7 dpIUI when I get my blood work. But he said since my P2 level has been low for three cycles in a row we are going to assume I have an issue there and treat it early. So I will be on 200mg of Prometrium vaginally three times a day until the pregnancy test. Nothing quite as fun as shoving a little pill in your nether regions while at work.

On a funny note, I couldn't stop thinking about the special that was on the NeoGeo channel last week "Sizing Up Sperm" the whole time we were at the RE's. The show basically showed what the journey of sperm was like if they were the size of humans, it was actually pretty interesting. I kept envisioning the people that they used as sperm in the show getting washed in the centrifuge, or all the people crowded into the cath for the procedure. It actually kinda freaked me out. I mentioned this to my RE right after he did the insemination and he thought it was hilarious. So now I feel like I have a bunch of little people running around in my Uterus. Let's hope they find their target!

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