Monday, March 8, 2010

Nope not yet...

I had my official blood test today for IUI#2 Take 3. And as suspected (well really confirmed after 6 home pregnancy tests) I am not pregnant. Even with the 6 HPTs all being negative, hearing the nurse's sad voice when I picked up the phone was just awful. I wanted to hang up on her right away so I wouldn't have to hear her say the standard negative speech. "Hi Chrissy, I am sorry to say I don't have good news. You aren't pregnant." The same exact words she said the first time she ever called me with bad news.

I thought I was so prepared for this, but i am just crushed. I thought once both my tubes were open it would be easy-peasy to get PG. Apparently not so much. So the hubs and I have spent all day running errands and doing house renovation work to keep my mind off of it. But I keep going back to the same bad thought; what if it never happens?

The plan for the next cycle is exactly the same as this one. 150mg Clomid starting cycle day 3, follie check on cd 10, and hopefully trigger and IUI somewhere around cd 14. I just have to wait for good old Aunt Flow to show her face so we can get it rolling. I am also going to set up a consultation with my RE to talk about doing an injectables IUI if this one doesn't work. If the injectables doesn't work either than I am going to take an extended break to focus completely on losing weight and then hopefully start IVF in July or August.

So here we go, medicated cycle #7 and IUI #3 are just around the corner. ::sigh::


  1. I'm so sorry :(

    Why can't you go straight to IVF now? We didn't even try IUI....

  2. I need to lose 50 pounds before they can do IVF, and also there isn't any physical reason (that we know of) why I couldn't get PG with IUI so I want to try it since it is covered by insurance.