Friday, March 18, 2011

It Only Takes One

That is is the sentence I am chanting under my breath all day. I got the update from the RE this morning. I have one little embie growing strong. He said even though we only have one it is perfect. On day 2 embryos are supposed to be 4 cells, mine is 6 cells and has almost no fragmentation (for more info on embryo development here is a link). I am very happy that my little embie is growing strong and hanging in like a champ. I am over being sad about only having one. This is going to be the one.

So we go in tomorrow morning for a 3 day transfer. Hopefully tomorrow The Champ will be at least 8 cells and still have very little fragmentation. I will be taking the entire weekend off from work to be on bed rest. My RE only requires 24 hours of bed rest, but I want to give The Champ a fighting chance so I plan on staying in bed for two full days and then really taking it easy for at least a week.

I am very excited to see a picture of my Champ tomorrow, and i am going to try and get pic to share here. Wish me luck and please continue to send growing vibes to our little fighter!


  1. I am crossing my fingers for you Chrissy! You've got a little rockstar growing strong!

  2. Good luck tomorrow! I hope everything goes well and your little champ decides to stick around!