Wednesday, March 23, 2011

4dp3dt and some pictures...

I am four days post three day tansfer, and The Champ is all I can think about. Literally every move I make I get paranoid that it was the wrong move and I am going to accidentally dislodge the little guy. Completely irrational? Yup. Can I help it? Nope.

I have also been analyzing everything my body is doing. I have the usual boob soreness that comes with the Progesteron In Oil injections, so I am not putting too much weight on that. The thing that is making me stop and go hmmmm is my stomach. I haven't been nauseous exactly, but I have had weird food aversions. Normally every morning I have a protein shake, this morning I couldn't even finish half of it because I wanted to yak. I have also been having very vivid dreams, and I remember them in perfect detail. And usually they involve zombies. Both of these things could mean absolutely nothing, but I can't help but wonder if they might mean something. I will be testing at home before my Beta test on April 1st, but I won't be sharing the results here until I get to tell my family and close friends so they don't find out from my blog.

This week I got really bored while taking it easy around the house, so I decided to set up a little photography project. I fished all of my needles out of my sharps container and did a little photo shoot with my IVF meds. Here is what I came up with:

IVF Meds New WM-6

IVF Meds New WM-7

IVF Meds New WM-1

IVF Meds New WM-3

IVF Meds New WM-8


  1. Very creative, Chrissy! I was thinking of taking pics of alllll of my needles and syringes when I am finally DONE with all of them...I have a big sharps container getting pretty full!

    Hang in there....the 2ww SUCKS!!!

  2. Hang in there Chrissy and hang on Champ! If you get a pic of the PIO, I'll use it and link back here since I'm about to join you in that lovely injection! These pics first make me want to say bad words but then I have to think how proud I am of the many STRONG women who endure all of this and keep fighting to get to that end goal! Unbelievably strong women! Keep taking it easy!!!

  3. On a completely unrelated note:

    I love your photography.

    I HATE your watermark. PLEASE change it!

  4. LOL - I've started saving my empty vials for the exact same purpose. Might as well make art out of this shit, right? :)

    Congrats on being PUPO - hoping this is it for you!


  5. Here from ICLW...I love your shots (no pun intended)...I just got a DSL and am trying to figure out how to work it! hints?
    I also looked around at your story and wanted to send you some well wishes. I am sure the one lone embryo was upsetting, but it's true, it takes only one!! And that one sounded to be fabulous!! Keep the hope!

  6. I'm holding my breath, waiting for your happy news - I can't imagine where you are right now. Thank you for sharing your story, thank you for being so open and real and honest.