Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Champ is home

I am posting this from my phone because I am currently on bed rest at my parents' house, so I will keep it short. We transferred our lone embryo this morning. He is still fighting it out and exceeding expectations. On day 3 an embryo is supposed to be 8 cells. Our little Champ was 10 cells with no fragmentation. The RE gave it a grade 1 which is the best grade he gives. He said that if we were only going to only have 1 embryo this is the one to have. They also decided to do assisted hatching on the embryo, this means they make a little hole in the out shell of the embryo, this helps it to implant. So now I wait a week and a half to go in and test to see if this worked. I also got a pic of the Champ so iwll try to post it in the next few days.


  1. You've got a fighter there Chrissy! Hoping your little rockstar snuggles in tight for the long haul!

  2. It may be a lone embryo, but, wow, Champ is a very appropriate name. Congrats on being PUPO!