Thursday, March 3, 2011

Getting Impatient

I think it is hilarious that this IVF has been a year in the making, and with 5 days to go before we start stims I am all of a sudden incredibly impatient. We are talking it feels like time has come to a crawl. My days feel endless. It feels like Monday will never get here. I know I should be enjoying this time before Aunt Flow has arrived and before the dozens and dozens of injections I will be giving myself in the coming weeks, but I am not. I want Monday to get here now. I have done all this work, and now I want see what this whole IVF thing will bring for us, more heartache or the family we have been dreaming of.

It is getting harder and harder for us to stay calm and not get over-excited. On the way home from our injection class today Garry couldn't stop talking about baby names. It was kind of cute actually. He said that he is kinda hoping for twins. I had no clue he thought about it all that much.

But there is a reason he is hoping for twins. You see back when we first started seeing an RE Garry was very nervous about becoming the next Jon and Kate. I assured him that would never happen to us because I would cancel any cycle that even had the possibility of producing more than three babies, but he wasn't very convinced. So we struck a deal. If we got pregnant with twin boys he would get to name them, and I would have no veto power. I agreed thinking he isn't a complete nut and would pick semi-normal names. I was wrong. He wants to name our hypothetical twin boys Tomax and Xamot. For those not in the know, Tomax and Xamot are GI Joe characters. So it turns out my husband is a complete nut. I hope that if we would by some amazing coincidence get pregnant with twin boys he would come to his senses and not name them after cartoon characters, but I really don't know. And is it weird that we talked about it so much today that they are actually starting to grow on me? Garry kept talking about how we could call Tomax 'Max' for short (which I think is actually really cute).

Before we knew it we had talked for the entire ride home (45 minutes) about what we are going to name our hypothetical children. Well not the entire ride, we also spent some time discussing the nursery. Oy, are we setting ourselves up for heartache or what.

So followers, what do you think of Tomax and Xamot as the names of our hypothetical twin boys?


  1. Is Xamot pronounced "Zam-mit" ? I think it's kind of cute actually lol. Strange, but cute.

    We do the same things.. talk about nursery themes and names - not even pregnant yet. In a way, it keeps you optimistic. While at the same time making your fall even more painful. :(

    I hope that your IVF is successful!!! If you have twin girls, do you get to name them lol?

  2. Um.. I think I'd have to go with Tom and Max but obviously I'm not up on the GI Joe characters. In Garry's defense, if I struck that deal with my hubby, I have a feeling it would be mountain bike brands. I think we have to let our minds and hearts go there and have reason to be hopeful and excited! I'm just a week ahead of you, let's get this going, woo-hoo!!!