Friday, April 16, 2010

The Ups and Downs of Being on a Break

I really thought I was going to hate this whole break thing, but so far it hasn't been as bad as I thought it would. Granted it has only been a couple weeks since my last cycle ended. In honor of my Mom and I am going to make a list of the good and bad things about being on a break. My Mom loves lists. Especially Pro/Con lists. She has been known to make Pro/Con lists about my sisters and my boyfriends in the past.

Cons of Being on a Break
- The knowledge that I will not have a baby in my arms for at least another year to two years (if at all)
- The feeling of helplessness and uselessness
- Feeling like I am standing still and making no progress with anything in my life, not just fertility
- The hope that creeps in that maybe I will be one of the lucky few who get a surprise pregnancy during a break cycle

Pros of Being on a Break
- The sex! Seriously the sex lately has been insane. I know, I know, TMI. But now that we don't have to worry about when the IUI will be and worrying about the hubsters sperm counts being good it is like we just started dating again. For heaven's sake we did it THREE times in one night last week. It was crazy! If it wasn't for hubby's schedule right now I am fairly certain we would be doing it every other night, if not every night.
- I am not wasting gas on weekly drives to the RE's office an hour away
- No hot flashes from the Clomid
- No giving my self trigger injections in random bathrooms
- No crazy mood swings
- No dildo cam dates
- Sushi
- Booze
- Did I mention the sex?

I am happy to say the pros list is longer than the cons list. But I would give everything single thing up on the pros list if it meant I could get pregnant right now.

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