Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Weight Loss Update...

So I have lost about three pounds in the past week. Not bad. I went to the doctor's on Tuesday and he agreed that as a short time boost I could go on a prescription appetite suppressant. I started it yesterday, I have no clue if it is working, but I am getting some wicked cotton mouth and I get really amped up and hyper about three hours after I take it, which has done wonders for my workouts.

So I decided I need a inspiration pic to keep me moving, I picked a very cute picture of my baby nephew (after all I am doing all this to have a baby) and a picture of me from college when I was somewhere near my goal weight. I never realized how little I was in college. I mean I have never been skinny by any means. But I look at this picture of me and think "why did I think I was go grotesquely fat back then?" Honestly, I thought I was horribly ugly and fat and I could not understand why my college boyfriend was with me b/c he was gorgeous. I think that is why I stayed with him for so long even though he treated me like crap. I thought I was hideous. Now I look at that picture and wished like hell I still looked like that.

Being with a man who appreciates me and tells me I am beautiful even when I am sweaty in my workout clothes with my hair all crazy and my shirt sticking to my rolls is amazing. I have never felt so pretty as when I am with my husband after one of our walks and he tries to jump me before I even shower. I wish I could have felt like that back in college. Look at me getting all wishy washy and sentimental. I will stop now while I am ahead.

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