Thursday, February 25, 2010

I want a baby more than I want a cupcake....

It pains me to say this, but I have to take a baking break. I have been trying to lose weight for about a month now and it went great at first, I lost 13 pounds in the first two weeks. But after the first two weeks, and thanks to a lot of snow, I got off track and I gained a lot of the weight back. So I have decided I need to take a break from baking in an effort to get back on track with losing weight.

I am not even half way through the two week wait and I am already pretty convinced this cycle didn't work. So while we will probably do a couple more IUIs, I need to lose this 50 pounds so that if we max out my Clomid cycles and IUI cycles I will be ready to go for IVF. I have four more Clomid and IUIs left before we get to that point, and I will most likely use them all, but I have to think ahead. This 50 pounds isn't going to come off by itself in 4 months.

I may post some recipes occasionally for healthy meals and snacks, but for now the cupcakes are taking a back seat to trying to get pregnant. I just have to keep repeating to myself "I want a baby more than I want a cupcake."

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