Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Ovaries Hate Me

At my follicle check today both my ovaries decided not cooperate. The u/s tech could only see a little of the right ovary and couldn't find the left at all. She even tried doing an abdominal u/s not just the internal. She said my bowels were full of gas and "stuff" (ewwww) and they were blocking the view of my ovaries. From what she could see of the right ocary there wasn't much going on. I was so scared this cycle was going to get canceled too. After two canceled cycles thanks to the blocked tube the thought of getting another cycle canceled even though both tubes are open was a hard pill to swallow.

Thankfully they ran some bloodwork on me to see if ovulated early and I haven't. The bloodwork also showed that my estrogen level was about 250ish which is an indication that I do have something growing in there. So we are going to wait a day and then Friday go in for a repeat u/s. I have orders to not eat or drink before the next u/s in the hopes that it will help get my ovaries to show themselves from behind my bowels.

Hopefully if all goes well we will be triggering Friday or saturday and goring through with IUI#2 on sunday or Monday. It is about damn time!

Now I realize I haven't posted anything baking related for a while, so stay tuned,I have a feeling there will be some nervous baking going on tomorrow while my hubby is at a job interview!!!


  1. I'm so sorry this is so frustrating for you. I'll keep my fingers crossed that all goes well tomorrow!

  2. Hi I just found your blog! Keeping everything crossed for you! I have 6 month old twins after 2 cycles of IVF :) Good luck!!!