Sunday, February 21, 2010

And the Wait Begins...

Well IUI #2 is finally complete. And it only took three tries! I had one good follie this cycle. And how is this for ironic, after two canceled cycles and four cycles with nothing on the left, my one good follie this cycle was on the left. Oy. I am glad we finally have a chance at this, but I am feeling strangely unoptimistic.

Everything went normally, the hubby's sample was awesome (49 million sperm post wash), at least one of us is fertile! The only problem with the procedure was my b*tchy cervix. It likes to hide and then when the RE finally gets a hold of it the thing keeps moving away. He finally had to get some weird instrument to hold it in place. that thing pinched like a MoFo. But it worked my cervix finally stayed still and we were able to do the insemination.

So now I wait. The dreaded 2 week wait. Two weeks of anazlyzing everything my body is doing. Every twinge. Every bout of nausea. Every little thing I put into my body. Yay. Other than the constant disappointment and feeling of failure, this is the worst part of being "reproductively challenged." Normal women get to stop taking birth control take a test a couple months later and be happy. We get to take pills, go to the doctor's 4-5 times a month, inject hormones, and fret over everything our body does, and then deal with the disappointment when after all that there is only one line. Or if you are lucky enough to get the coveted two lines you get to live in fear for the next 12-13 weeks to see if your little triumph of modern medicine will stick around.

But when it all feels like too much, I look at my nephews and neices and remember that no matter what I go through now, it will be worth it. Even in the middle of the night when you have a puking kid, it will still be worth it.

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  1. Sorry you had some pain, but glad to hear everything else went well. I hope the next two weeks fly by! I hope this is your sticky bfp! ~Babsie7