Sunday, February 21, 2010

100 books in 1 year...

I have decided I need some new hobbies to keep my mind off things and to keep my hands and brain busy. So the first thing I am going to start doing is knitting. I started knitting back in high school when I played an old woman in a school play. I never got very good at it. I could only do straight lines and never learned to cast off. As a result I have a couple scarves that are very long and still attached to knitting needles. So I am going to take it up again, and do it right this time.

The second thing I am going to do is read 100 books in a year. I already read a lot. In fact I probably read close to that already b/c I love reading. But I am going to set up some rules. So here they are:
1- 50% of the books must come from the library. After all I don't want to lose half my paycheck on books.
2- I have to read at least 5 non-fiction books.
3- No more than 20 Young Adult books or vampire themes books.
4- At least three of the books have to be classics that I have never read before.
5- I have to have read all the books by Feb. 21 2011.

I am pretty excited about doing both these projects. It will give me something to do and keep my away from baking too much. don't worry I will still do some backing, but I am definitely taking a baking break while I get back on the diet train. The train derailed big time thanks to being snowed in at a hotel for three days with nothing but pizza and Chinese places open.

Anybody want to do the book challenge with me? And if anyone has recommendations for knitting books and websites leave a comment. I want to get good at it.

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  1. Ah this is something I know something about lol. is very helpful as is Ravelry is a community of knitters and they would be happy to help out a newbie. If you have any questions I'm happy to help too :)