Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I have clear tubes!!!

So my tubal Recannalization was today, but as it turned out I didn't need it. The procedure is just like an HSG only they use the dye to guide the wire to open the tube. Well once they got the catheter in they decided to start me on the pain meds b/c I was having a ton of cramping. I was already crying in pain. And leave it to my crappy veins to make things fun. The IV wasn't dripping right so I had four nurses messing with it to try and get the pain drugs flowing. Finally they figured out they needed to be pulled out a little, and I got some relief. So after they got the drugs in me they put the dye into my uterus. The left was open right away, the right began to slowly seep through so the RE decided to try and use just the dye to open it, and it worked!

The RE's theory is that during my first HSG I was in so much pain that my right tube seized and appeared to be completely blocked. Once the drugs started working on me the tube relaxed and opened with some persuasion from the dye. He thinks there was some sludge in there but having me pain free meant that he could work at it more than he could during the HSG when I was crying and writhing in pain. So no wires needed!

I am so excited that I have two open tubes! This means we don't have to move to IVF right away and that IUI has a chance of working now. It also means that I may be able to have an unassisted pregnancy someday. This was one of my big fears when I thought my right tube my never be cleared and my left ovary may never work. I was afraid that my hubby and I would never even have the chance of just having sex and making a baby. Now that is a possibility.

Tomorrow I go in for a follie check to see what my right ovary is cooking up this cycle. Then we will probably do the insemination Friday or Saturday. I am so excited. I am trying not to get my hopes, there is no guarantee that this will work. But knowing that it won't get canceled is a big weight off my shoulders.

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