Friday, January 15, 2010

Finally some GOOD news!!!

So I had me re-check for my cyst a couple days ago, just now getting around to writing about it. I went in on cd2 for the internal ultrasound (dildo cam!) and everything looked fine!!! Well actually it didn't look like anything, my ovaries were being shy. After looking for a good 5-10 minutes the RN finally decided that they must be hiding behind my bowels. But determined that if the cyst were still in there it would be weighing down my right ovary. Hence, she determined that the cyst must be either too small to be a factor or completely gone! So we are a go for IUI #2 Take 2.

The plan for this cycle is to bump my Clomid up to 150mg. I asked the RN if we could just go straight to 200mg, but apparently my RE's office doesn't ever prescribe 200mg of Clomid because it doesn't produce any more results than 150mg usually does. So hopefully the added dosage will kick lefty's butt into gear. If it still doesn't do anything with the added dosage then next cycle we will go to injectables.

Now here is why I am convinced this cycle HAS to work: I would be testing on my birthday, and if I should get PG on this cycle the estimated due date would be right around our 2nd wedding anniversary. But I'm not getting my hopes up or anything (yea right.) Here's hoping I don't need to move on to injectables next cycle!!!

We'll see what happens at my Follicle check on Wednesday. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for at least one decent egg on the left!!!