Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hello There

My name is Chrissy, some of you may know me as thebeadinglady (hey IF ladies!). This is my first attempt at an actual blog. I had one other one, but that was more for myself. I hope this blog will actually be read by people, heck maybe even help some people.

So you may be asking yourself "Who is this Chrissy girl and why the heck should I want to read about her?"

Well I don't know why you would want to read about me (boredom?) but I can tell you who I am. I am 27, married to a wonderful man, Aunt to 9 awesome nephews and nieces, sister to two sisters and a brother, mom to two awesome dogs and a very old guinea pig, amateur baker, obsessed with cupcakes, occasional jewelry maker, DIY home renovator, TV and movie nut, and book worm. I am a dork. I am very overweight, tall, hair changes color monthly, blue eyes. I love the work I do, but am falling out of love with my actual job. I am not religious at all. I have Crohn's Disease. I am reproductively challenged.

My goal for this blog will be to just share my journey. I will write mostly about my Fertility Treatments, Crohn's Disease, and baking. But other stuff will probably creep in too. I am at the beginning of my fertility treatments, and have been dealing with Crohn's for only two and a half years, so I don't know everything yet. But that is kinda the point. I want to record the things I learn along the way. I don't know if anyone will actually read this, but to anyone that does: Welcome, get comfy, it is most likely going to be a bumping ride!


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere. Your posts on TN have made me think we have things in common and now I am thinking that even moreso! I look forward to your future posts!

  2. Hi, thebeadinglady (Chrissy)! I usually just 'follow' blogs and I don't comment on them. But I am really happy to be following yours since I was around from its beginning (love the title by the way!).

    Congrats on your blog and good luck on your journey!

    ~MrsVoz (on the board - Alisha in real life)

    PS Can't wait to see if a cupcake recipe will sneak on to your blog! ;-)

  3. Oh no worries Alisha, recipes will totally make their way in here.