Saturday, February 26, 2011

Who has drugs? I have drugs!

Check out my big ol' stash of hormones!

That's right, I got all my drugs in the mail yesterday. Well not all, this picture is actually missing two of the drugs. One is on back order and the other I have to get from another pharmacy. In total I will be on 8 drugs, 5 of which are injections. I hear some people use their bookcases to display books and knick knacks. Not me, I use mine to display my wide array of hormones.

So I must confess that I am starting to get a wee bit terrified. In a little over a week I am going to be pumping myself so full of hormones that I fully expect to be spewing bitchiness in a very Linda Blair-esque fashion. Then in a little over two weeks I am going to let a doctor knock me out, pierce the wall of my uterus and my ovaries with a needle and suck out the eggs. Then I am going to hope and pray that the lady injecting my hubby's sperm into my eggs is really good at her job. For five days after that I am going to be biting my nails to the cuticles wondering whether or not we will have something to transfer back to said uterus.

This whole process seems totally insane all of a sudden. Who in their right mind puts themselves through all this? But I suppose I am not really in my right mind. I think my right mind went out the window after the first dozen negative pregnancy tests. All I am left with now is my exhausted/desperate mind.


  1. Same exact thoughts here when those meds arrived except I bend my nails instead of bite them! Overwhelming to say the least! Thank goodness for all of these ladies in blog world who say "you can do it." Resilience!!!

  2. Yaaaay! And none of us who have dealt with IF are in our right minds so don't worry about it; lol!