Thursday, February 10, 2011

Need a Reality Check

I am getting my hopes way too high for this first IVF. The hubs and I talk like this is a sure thing. I have started looking at baby stuff when I am in Target or other stores and it isn't a longing sad looking, it is an excited, we are going to be doing this for real in a few months kind of looking.

But the thing I need to start reminding myself of is: it isn't a sure thing. I am not even sure our odds are very good. One of the REs I had a consult with gave us a 35% chance of IVF working. My RE doesn't like to give precent chances on a first IVF because they don't really know what they are going to find on that first one. After the first IVF they know more, but I was really kinda hoping I wouldn't have to do this more than once. According to my RE he thinks my chances are good based on what he has seen in my cycles so far, but there is no telling until we get the eggs and sperm together and see what happens. I appreciate that he isn't treating me like a statistic, but I want something more solid to hang onto.

Right now it seems if you want to get pregnant you should come hang out with me and you will get pregnant with in a few weeks. I know over 20 people who are pregnant right now. I am happy for them, but it depresses me so much how easy it is for other people (normal people) to get pregnant. The hardest ones are the people who get pregnant by accident in less than optimal situations. Like couples that have been dating for three months and get pregnant by accident. Those announcements hurt a little. There was literally one day on Facebook that I logged in and all I saw in my newsfeed were ultrasound pics, announcements, and updates on progress. I am just so ready to be there.


  1. life is hard. thats for sure. I think me and my husband are getting out hopes up too much too. Im currently in my 2ww to see if our first ivf worked. Only to be brought back down to reality today when we got a call saying our remaining 2 embryos couldnt be frozen, now that leaves me wondering does the one inside me have a chance!! its hard not to get carried away. its normal and i dont have any advice on how to keep grounded, just try have a bit of hope, mixed with a bit of harsh reality

  2. Thanks clewis! I am sure they transferred back the best embryo of the bunch and is snuggling it as we speak. Good Luck!