Friday, January 27, 2012

Better than I could have imagined

That is how this whole cycle has been. I never would have imagined I would be as confident as I am right now.

Tuesday afternoon we transferred two beautiful blasts. And those were the words used by Dr. P, beautiful! The best part is we had two blasts that also made it to freeze. We have never had frozen embryos before, and I am excited to think there may be a chance after this cycle for more hope.

I barely slept Monday night, I kept waking up every hour thinking I was going to miss the call with what time we were supposed to be at the office. Finally around 6am I decided to screw it and get up for the day.

After 4 hours of staring at my phone the nurse called at 10am (literally as I was picking up to call them) and told us to be there by 2:30 for transfer. She didn't have the info on our embryos at the point so I had to wait 4.5 more hours to see how they were doing.

The nurse told me to drink 16 ounces of water when we got close to the office. Once we got to the office they checked us in and I got dressed in the ever glamorous hospital gown. We were taken back to the procedure room around 2:45 and they checked my bladder on ultrasound to make sure it was full enough. Unfortunately it wasn't so I had to sit in the transfer room pounding cups of water for about 45 minutes.

While waiting for my stupid bladder to fill up we got to have a great conversation with the embryologists. They were two of the nicest ladies ever. Christina and Erica came out and asked if we had thought about how many we were going to transfer, I responded "depends on how many we have left." Christina informed us we had four, three were grade 1 and one was grade 2! Then she left for a couple minutes and came back with her cell phone where she had taken pictures of the embryos. They were very excited about something one of our embryos was doing.
Here they are:


It isn't a great picture because it was taken off the screen of the microscope, but I will try and explain what they are so excited about. On the embryo on the left you can see a clump of cells kinda in the middle and to the right, that is the group of cells that will (hopefully) eventually turn into a baby, the cells kinda of lining the outside of the embryo will turn into the placenta. On the embryo to the right if you look in the bottom left and top right sections you can see there are two of those clumps of cells that could possibly turn into babies. This isn't a guarantee that the embryo will split into identical twins, but apparently the theory is that seeing that increases the chances of identical twins by 19%. The embryologists said the last lady they saw this with did end up getting pregnant with identical twins. The crazy part is that if they had looked a half hour earlier or later they might not have seen the two groups of cells. That is just how fast development of the embryos happens.

In the end we transferred the two embryos in the picture. The transfer was awesome. We could see the ultrasound screen the whole time. Dr. Peters pointed out where my uterus was, the catheter as they put it in, and the the little white spot the popped up why the transferred the embryos. We even got print outs with pictures of the embryos being transferred in. I really need scan them in and post them. IF these puppies stick they are going to have one heck of a baby book.

So now we wait. The first blood test will be the 3rd, and if that comes back positive the second will be on the 6th. As a side note, my birthday is the 8th, so this will either be the best birthday ever, or it will kinda suck.


  1. Wow! This is so blowing my mind! So let me get this straight... You could potentially end up having 4 babies at once???

  2. Mily four is possible, but not likely at all. With what the embryologists saw on the 2nd embryo increases the odds of triplets a little, but that is still a long shot also.