Thursday, April 21, 2011

Scary Stuff...

My body has decided to revolt this week. Maybe it is fed up with all the torture I inflicted on it in March, maybe it heard me talking about starting the injections again. Maybe it just hates me, who knows? But so far this week I have had one night of insane stomach upset and nausea, random vaginal bleeding that I thought was my period but turned out not to be, yesterday I found out I have a UTI (not uncommon for me, I tend to get them a lot) and I have some skin virus that is making me break out it these ugly little dry patchy rashes. Apparently the skin virus will go away on it's own, but not before it gets a little worse and makes me look like I have leprosy.

The kicker is today I have blood in my poo. This is a side of Crohn's I have never experienced before. My Crohn's symptoms usually come in the form of extreme diarrhea, stomach pain, and vomiting. So when I went to the bathroom this morning and noticed lots of blood in my stool (clinical word for poo) I started freaking a little. I went to see my fabulous GI, Dr. W (the only doctor I like more than my RE is my GI). He thinks it is just internal hemorrhoids, which aren't a big deal. I have to go get some fun suppositories from the pharmacy tomorrow and that should take care of it. But if it gets worse or doesn't go away by next Tuesday then we will have to do a Colonoscopy. Fun.

I wish I could just have a normal healthy body for once.

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  1. Hello from ICLWland!

    Keeping my fingers crossed that this problem is no big deal! Best of luck to you!