Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ugh and Ick....

My two least favorite weeks are going to line up this month. The last week before my Remicade infusion, and the week of my period my period. The last week before my next Remicade infusion (which I get every 8 weeks) is one of my least favorite weeks. I always feel off during that last week. There are a lot more last minute dashes to the bathroom. More heartburn, more 'am I really, really hungry or a little nauseous?' More strictly limiting how much dairy I take in because it can cause a serious problem.

My other least favorite week is the week my period comes every month. I get horrible bloating and back pain for the day before and first two days of Aunt Flow's monthly visit. I literally gain 2-3 pounds of pure bloat weight on those days. And it is a struggle to get off the couch and go to work because my back is in so much pain. When I was in high school I would stay home from school on those 2-3 days because sitting up in class for six hours a day was impossible. No wonder I got straight C's in school, I spent half my year out sick with PMS. I also start getting even more emotional than I already am, I have literally cried after watching three commercials today. She probably won't show her face till this weekend, but I can feel her approach like dogs can feel an earthquake before it starts.

When these two weeks happen line up everybody better watch out. Because I am one emotional, bloated, bitchy, nauseous, chick in pain and running for the bathroom. Thankfully by Thursday of next week it will all be over. I like to think that Auntie Flow tries to make it up to me by giving me a blissfully short period. Four days at the most, and by the second day everything usually evens out and starts to taper off. And Wednesday I will go sit in the plastic recliners at my GI's office and get pumped full of that miracle drug I like to call Remicade. So by Thursday I will back to my slightly less emotional self.

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  1. If it makes you feel better, I break out HORRIBLY the week before my period, and then it lasts at least 7 days. Not the same as your back pain, but I think equally as obnoxious.