Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I LOVE my Dietitian

No. Really. I love her. I have been to dietitians before (once in college, once after college) and they have always told me things I already knew: portion control, calorie control, exercise, blah blah blah. But since my insurance covers it I decided what the hell, I'll give it another try. So glad I did. In the two weeks since I started seeing her I have lost 5 pounds. Five! Before that I had been in a standstill for almost two months! So now I have about 11 pounds to go and 50 pounds total I have lost since last January.

I am hoping I can drop three more before my next appointment with the RE on the 11th. She said it is do-able, and gave me lots of tips to make sure I am as low as I can healthily be at the appointment. Stuff like restricting sodium starting two days before the appointment and really pushing liquids. She hasn't done anything amazingly crazy to my diet. We rearranged my calories a little so I get more in the morning and a little less in the evening. I have cut out ALL coffee, not just Starbucks. And we upped my protein a lot, I really wasn't getting anywhere near enough before.

She has even started talking about what we will do when I do get pregnant. We are talking about putting me on the diabetic diet straight off the bat since my Mom had gestational diabetes with all of us. If I can avoid the whole GD train I am all for it. But I just love that she isn't just thinking about what is going to get me this goal, she is thinking about where we go once I get there.

It doesn't hurt that she also has the exact same sense of humor as me, and started dropping f-bombs left and right after I did. She also does this funny thing where she randomly picks up her calculator and taps numbers furiously into, writes whatever she got down and then goes on talking like she never did anything, and never references what she was calculating. I find it hilarious!

I am feeling more and more optimistic about the IVF consult with my RE. I literally can not wait to walk in and get weighed so he can see how hard I have been working. The next 12 days can not go fast enough!


  1. Congrats on the weight loss Chrissy & good for you for sticking with it! It is a difficult journey & you are kicking ass :) 50 lbs of weight loss is AWESOME! Wishing you lots of luck at your upcoming RE appt & can't wait to hear about how it goes!

  2. You totally inspire me! Weight loss is such a hard journey and you've done amazing :) Way to kick the crap out of those pounds! Tons and tons of luck to you at your next RE appt...I hope with all my might that 2011 brings you everything you want.

  3. That's so amazing!! I'm so glad you found someone that really understand YOU. I'll be thinking about you for your next appointment!! 2011 is going to be an amazing year, I have no doubt about that!!!!