Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Value of Doing Nothing...

Today was the first day in about two or three weeks I had nothing scheduled and didn't have to work. When I woke up I had all these grand plans of gym, laundry, organize, clean. And then I sat in the recliner for breakfast and I changed my mind. I have been running around like a mad woman the past few months. I can literally count the number of times I have skipped going to the gym on one hand. So today I took the day off from everything.

As I write this at 11pm I am still in the PJs I woke up in, and I am still in the recliner. The only times I got up were to make meals and to help hubby shovel the side walks for a little while. I have watched enormous amounts of TV, a couple movies, and cooked Indian food for dinner. I soooo needed this. I just needed to turn off for the day. I knew sitting on my tushie for a full day wouldn't kill my progress with my weight, but it would help my mind set immensely.

And you know what, I am not going to weight myself tomorrow either. I know I won't go down any, and since I stuck to my healthy eating today I know I won't go up any either. So I am giving my brain a day off from worrying about the scale tomorrow. I will still go the gym. And we have an appointment with the RE to sign all the contracts for our IVF, so tomorrow will be a return to the craziness. But today was all about nothing. It was awesome. I suggest everyone try it.


  1. Mental health day! Much needed from time to time, good for you!

  2. Sounds fabulous! I had a similar day last week and it was much needed! Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. I'm glad you did this. Sounds like you needed it :)