Sunday, June 20, 2010

Little Emotional Today...

I did not expect father's day to be this hard. I didn't have a huge problem with Mother's Day because I just stayed focused on my Mom and no one at work that day was a Mom. But today coming to work is hard. One of the guys here has an 8 month old baby boy. His wife gave him a white polo shirt with these two blue baby foots prints on the chest (like where the izods alligator would go).

I don't know why but seeing that shirt made me so sad. I almost started crying when he walked in and was telling our other co-worker about it, he was just beaming. I want to see my hubs like that in the worst way. I want to make stupid presents for Father's Day, and see him be all proud. As hard as it is to think about possibly never being a Mom, thinking about G never being a Dad is even harder. He will be such a fantastic Dad. Just today he was making my baby nephew laugh like crazy by doing a zombie impression. I just want him to be able to do that with our kids.

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